1. Tenant receives a confirmation. This confirmation and the rental conditions together form the rental agreement between tenant and H. Mouthaan.

  2. On the first day the cottage is available for tenant from 15.00 p.m. On the final day the cottage must be abandoned at 10.30 a.m.

  3. This agreement is binding as soon as the downpayment of 50 % of the renting amount is received on landlords account. The remainder of the renting amount must show on landlords account no less than 3 weeks before the first day of the renting period.

  4. Tenant and his adult travelling companions are severally liable for all obligations from this agreement. We presume tenant will have a cancellation insurance, so with cancellation, there will be no refund of the rental price.

  5. Tenant will use the cottage rightfully and responsibly.

  6. Smoking in the cottage is not allowed. Pet animals are welcome after deliberation.

  7. Tenant will replace or compensate for items damaged or lost due to his actions or neglect. If possible, tenant takes responsibility to have items replaced or repared himself. Loss or damage must be reported to landlord.

  8. Damage because of actions or neglect, will be charged. The downpayment of 150 € will be returned efter oversight of the cottage.

  9. Complaints or other problems must be reported immediatly to landlord.

  10. The keys must be returned according to instructions.

  11. If the cottage, due to circumstances (amongst other things force majeure) can not be rented during the agreed period, the total renting amount will be restituted. Landlords liability ends with this obligation to restitute.

  12. Landlord is not liable for any damage suffered by tenant and travelling companions, due to any cause related to the cottage, this agreement or other causes.

  13. Cleaning is obligatory, the cost is €50 per period.