The region is wellknown for its many forests and lakes and provides a lot of opportunity for tourism thanks to its rich nature.

One of the most popular activities in Värmland is rafting on Klarälv river.

Klarälv river is the longest river in Sweden (460 km, of which 300 km in Sweden) and runs from Norway (where it’s called Trysilelven) to Vänern lake, Karlstad.

If you like to ride a bike, you’re at the right place: in 2005, a special project was finished in Sweden: Klarälvsbanan. A trail of no less than

90 km, without traffic. Other activities Värmland can offer you are: hiking, fishing and canoeing.In the wintertime there are lots of opportunities to ski, cross country or alpine, snowscooterriding and dog sled rides. You can even go ice fishing!


The largest city in Värmland is Karlstad. This is also the main shopping city where you’ll find all kinds of shops att the shores of beautiful Vänern lake. Have a coffee on one of the many terraces on Drottninggatan.


The most important event which takes place every other year is the Swedish Rally. In Hagfors all kinds of activities and festivities will be organised. This event draws thousands of people from Europe to Sweden.


To play golf, only drive 30 km to the south, where an 18-holes court is situated in Norra Råda.


Take a trolley, on old railroads. Especially with children a fantastic experience!

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